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I live on a farm ... — family

A pattern to share with you

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This is a soft, beautiful scarf my daughter designed and knit for me. She makes me such beautiful things, and I always love her taste in colors and textures. This is a classy scarf that doesn't demand attention, and yet it does gently add a touch of calm style to whatever outfit I wear it with. The day I first met my husband, I wore this scarf along with a cute little vintage, army fatigue colored jacket with sweet little vents in the back. I also wore a tissue t-shirt with a ballet scoop neck in the same blue as...

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This will be our tradition

339000 country living family knitting yarn

The night before last I asked my husband for his thoughts on what we should do to recognized September 11th. This would be our first year together on that date, and it seemed a good idea to put some conscious thought into what we would make of that date, what tradition we might set. We agreed extra prayers should be said, and that there should be quiet contemplation without morbid dwelling. And of course we agreed that the people who lost their lives and their loved ones deserve very much for people not to forget, not to push it to...

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OXOX Cable and Latticed Spindles

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I have been awake since four this morning. My husband gets up every morning at four o'clock and gets to work by five. He works ten hours and gets home by three fifteen in the afternoon. I try to get all of my work completed by the time he gets home so we may spend the late afternoon and evening doing whatever we choose, together. Often "whatever we choose" is a responsibility of some kind such as mowing the lawn (a three-hour task), driving to another small town about an hour away to see his mother where she stays at...

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