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Monarch on Pink & Yellow Flower

Lucky Violet Color Co

Monarch on Pink & Yellow Flower

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 Special Fine Art, Limited Edition Fiber Fiend Event ... The Monarch Project

We painstakingly develop, test and perfect our own unique, proprietary fiber painting and dyeing techniques in our studio.  Wait until you see what we are creating for The Monarch Project!  

Choose only the main color (mixed colors from the inspiration photo) or the main color plus accent and/or contrast colors, on the yarn base of your choice in any quantity you wish.  Main colorways are beautiful fiber paintings featuring the colors you see in the inspiration photo on this page.  Accents and contrasts are semi-solids of background colors only.

Click --> here for a guide to our yarn bases.

Pre-Orders accepted now for The Monarch Project; these colors will be created sometime in mid-August to mid-September 2020 and shipped shortly thereafter.  Lay Away orders are accepted for these colors as well. 

Background Info for The Monarch Project

In the summer of 2020 two members of our team embarked on a project to save endangered Monarch butterflies.  We are in a unique position to host such a project because there are milkweed plants growing in a number of places on our farm, some right outside our kitchen windows.

So, our intrepid butterfly enthusiasts set about rescuing Monarch eggs and tiny caterpillars from our milkweed plants.  The eggs and caterpillars were placed in thoughtfully homemade habitats and nursed along through their various stages of development until they formed their magical chrysalides.  Each chrysalis was monitored through complete metamorphosis to an emerging, vulnerable Monarch.

Sometime later when they were strong enough to withstand sunshine and wind, they were released near our butterfly bush where they filled their little butterfly bellies on purple nectar before flying over to the cedar trees by our barn, where they would blend in perfectly, thus protecting them from predators.

The Monarch Project began as a an attempt to save half a dozen Monarchs and ensure they would at least survive to adulthood.  When the project was complete, more than 100 Monarchs had been rescued and nurtured in this way.

Our hand painted yarns are micro-brewed by individual fine artists.  Variations between hanks reflect the beauty of these one-of-a-kind, artist creations. When you order multiple hanks in the same colorway, they are dyed in one batch and great care is taken to match hue, tint/shade, variegation, and sprinkles.  Even with that, there may be some variations between hanks ... such is the nature of our fine art fiber products. 

Processing Times:   Please check --> here for the latest updates to our processing times.

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