test new way to shop
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test new way to shop

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This is a test of a new way to order colors for various size projects with the color style, quantity, and yarn base for your project.

Our Color Styles

"Impressionist" means using our unique methods for hand dyeing and painting a hank of yarn, inspired by all of the colors and elements of the inspiration photo.  The Impressionist style might or might not feature speckles, depending on various elements in the inspiration photo.

"Semi-Solid" means focusing one only one or two of the primary colors in the inspiration photo.  We use our unique methods for hand dyeing and painting, but with a more unified semi-solid color.  Speckles may be added by request at no additional charge. 

If you wish to mix and match the Impressionist style and Semi-Solids in your kit, mention this in the "Comments" section of your order (on checkout page) and we will contact you via email to work out the details.

Please take a look and test putting together your "project bag" (so to speak) and then let me know if you think this would be helpful and desirable.  I will appreciate any feedback, positive, indifferent, or negative.