The Cinnamon Bun Initiative
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The Cinnamon Bun Initiative

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A 2020 Limited Edition March Mystery Colorway available for pre-order through available as a single color, a 50/50 bundle, or as a 3-color palette.

This began with an uplifting comment from one member of the Fleckenstein and Friends Ravelry group during our first pandemic Knit Nite week.

Now we just can't get cinnamon rolls out of our minds, at least not until we have a big, virtual get together where we are all having cinnamon buns together for cinnamon bun comfort and solidarity.  

And then it just worked its way right into my mind and I decided that now I really have to dye a cinnamon bun colorway or palette.  My thought is that these colors could be knit as a circle shawl and then you would have a cinnamon bun shawl ... something to commemorate this very strange time in our lives.

Four Ways to Get Your Bun On, (dyed on a limited selection of our Group A Yarn bases):

  • Single Color:  A single colorway on any number of single hank 100-gram hanks of yarn.
  • 50/50 Bundle:  Two separate colors in a 50/50 bundle (two 50-gram hanks of yarn; 100 grams total).
  • 3-Color Palette: Three separate colors on three 100-gram hanks of yarn, 300 grams total, 
  • 3-Color Bebe:  Three separate colors on three 20-gram hanks of yarn, 60 grams total, 

Our hand painted yarns are micro-brewed by individual fine artists.  Variations between hanks reflect the beauty of these one-of-a-kind, artist creations. When you order multiple hanks in the same colorway, they are dyed in one batch and great care is taken to match hue, tint/shade, variegation, and sprinkles.  Even with that, there may be some variations between hanks ... such is the nature of our fine art fiber products.  

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