Free Knitting Pattern Hearts in the Right Place Fingerless Glove
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Free Knitting Pattern Hearts in the Right Place Fingerless Glove

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This is a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of a knitting pattern, not the knitted item. 

This simple, humble pair of fingerless gloves were designed and made to represent a concept. I am sharing this pattern for free in hopes not only of spreading the love of knitting fingerless gloves around the world, but also in hopes of giving you as a knitter a tool with which to spread the concept of love to others.

Our world needs more love in it, don’t you think?

I wrote about handknit and handmade gifts on my blog in December 2014.  Included in the pattern is an excerpt for your own enjoyment, or something you could print out and share with someone you knit these gloves or other items for.

This is a simple, quick-to-knit pattern for a dear set of fingerless gloves adorned with a simple loving heart.

It is a great pattern for stash busting because the main color only requires 88 yards of a DK to light worsted weight yarn, and 33 yards in a contrasting color.

The pattern is easy to work using a little bit of ribbing, a background of stockinette stitch and a wee bit of reverse stockinette for the heart. A simple, heart-felt straight embroidery stitch around the heart in the contrasting color finishes the gloves off.

Give them to a loved one or a good friend any time you would like to share a bit of knitting love. They would be a sweet, timely gift to knit up quickly as a Valentine’s Day gift for a teenager or an adult.