Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Suddenly Spring at Fireflys FarmLast night we stood on the bank of the river and watched as it changed from a lovely, snow blanketed frozen passageway back to moving, rushing, breathing thing of life. Today it is suddenly all river again. It happened so quickly, so precisely  we could see the rapid progression as it was occurring. Today, though there are a few stubborn patches of snow in our neighbor's field and a bit out in the corn field,  all around our house and barn the snow is completely gone. Suddenly Spring at Fireflys FarmThe weekend before last one of our gutters broke off of the house, taking a bit of siding with it. Now there is a temporary hole exposed, leading right up into the roof over the area where I write. The past two days there has been a very industrious bird or two working vigorously to build a nest in there. Unfortunately my husband will have to flush the bird or birds out, away from the home they are working so diligently to create before he repairs the siding. Sad that all of their work will go to waste. Tiny little flowers are already coming to life in our front yard, and bulbs have begun pushing their sturdy green stalks upward as well. I don't recall what those flowers are from last year. Last year.  It has been almost one year since I came to live here. What an amazing year it has been. I have seen each and every season now on this farm, and so far they have each been most satisfying. This year's seasons will be the same but quite different, because that is how the seasons are. Much familiarity, but always something more than the last and something less than the last as well. Seasons are ripe with discovery for those subtle and not so subtle diferences and similarities. Suddenly Spring at Fireflys FarmLast Sunday we went out into the barn; I have only been in the barn a handful of times. My husband took me upstairs to look at some terra cotta pots stored there. My oh my, there were quite a lot of terra cotta pots in various sizes to choose from. I may never need to purchase a flower pot again. They were here more than twenty years ago when he first come to live here, and they are wonderfully aged. Spring is here, but we will have a bit more winter too. It's all good. The river is rushing again and will continue to do so for many months ahead. By the way, I have appreciated the positive feedback some of you have been leaving regarding the new Yarn Shop at I Live on a Farm dot com. I would be interested in knowing what kinds of yarns you would most like to find there. What brands you are looking for, particular fiber content, weight, colors, etc. Each week I will be going to my local yarn shop and making selections from their stock to photograph and offer in my online yarn store. So, the more information I am armed with for your needs, the better. Must go now, spring is calling. ~firefly

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