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Celebrate gratitude

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In the lifetime of a human being There are many things to be grateful for Too numerous perhaps to consider individually And yet In the open, roaring sea of my gratitude I see you; I am overcome Most of all When I consider you. Happy Thanksgiving ~ Celebrate Gratitude ~ To forward this peaceful message to a friend click here. Copyright © 2006 J.L. Fleckenstein ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Single orange male seeks SOF

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Hi, I'm Jack06 ... a simple country pumpkin, little rough around the edges. Lookin' fer a squash with just the right seeds to complete me. I love spendin' dark stormy candlelit evenings in October on the porch and hope to find someone special to share my perch with ... tonight I hope, I hope, I hope. If you are lookin' fer warm 'n glowin' pumpkin luv, roll on by ... I'll be waitin' til midnight. Favorite Song: Light My Fire, by the Doors. Boo. Happy Halloween

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Vintage buttons for knitted projects

country living faith family food free knitting patterns knitting love recipes soup recipes squash recipes yarn

Saturday was a busy and productive day. In the early afternoon we drove over to our cottage on the river--five miles down the road from the farm--because my husband needed to pick up some tools. He suggested I come along with him because he thought it might be my last opportunity to see and photograph the brilliant foliage of the maple trees growing on the bank of the river. He has been telling me how glorious the maples are on the river bank when their leaves go to full yellow color; he had a hunch Saturday would be the day...

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