I live on a farm ... — scarf patterns

Titles elude me at this moment

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Take a minute, if you are a knitter, and think about how many knitters there are around the world and then multiply that by some number that seems reasonable to predict how many hand knit gifts will be made this year ...

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A few of my favorite things

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When I was a little girl in school I joined the Glee Club and one fall season we learned some of the songs from Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. One of my favorites was the "My Favorite Things" song, which we performed during the Christmas show when I was in sixth grade, before my family moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles. Today that song, those lyrics, are on my mind ... Last Friday my husband and I drove down to Bath, New York for the annual pig roast at his nephew's place. His nephew bought a 100...

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Starting the New Year right

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The beginning to the new year has been a bit mixed ... but the entire year is bound to be mixed no matter whether the overall picture after the fact turns out to be success and joy or struggle and disappointment, there will be a mixture of everything if this year is anything like other years in my life. I hope it is like other years, because all of the years of the river of my life have carried along in their currents a mixture of experiences which all together form the status of my life at this time and...

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Santa is my kind of guy

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I began my Santa Claus collection when my children were little, and as the children became teenagers they started buying a new Santa for me each year. Last year my Santa collection was 3,000 miles away in storage in Los Angeles while I enjoyed my first Christmas on the farm in Western New York. This past weekend I unpacked my many Santas, refreshing my sweet memories of Christmases past as I looked at each one. My favorites are those the children gave me ... I will try to share them with you as the month progresses. Pictured here is the...

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Bronchitis Friday

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Yes, my cold turned ugly. Monday my doctor told me I had bronchitis and he put me on antibiotics. I am feeling better now, but not completely out of the woods as yet. The Cold of '07 has been quite a bugger for my husband and I both; he is still coughing now and then, although fortunately his did not go the bronchitis route. Of course, I can be optimistic and look on the bright side ... at least The Cold struck mid-November rather than mid-December. Somehow it seems more favorable to be ill over Thanksgiving than Christmas. It gives...

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