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I live on a farm ... — baby

Free patterns posted for sweater and shortcake

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Just a note to let you know I have posted the teddy bear sweater pattern, and the strawberry shortcake recipe. Have a beautiful day. ~firefly

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Dandelion farming

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We live on a farm, but as I have said before ... we are not farmers. We have (or had) corn out in our fields, but we didn't put it there. We dream of a vineyard and fruit orchard on our acres one day, but there will be much to learn in order to get there. When I lived in the high desert north of Los Angeles for a couple of years with my children, we tried planting some raised gardens. We enriched the soil, and put up wooden planks to build up areas to grow our vegetables and watermelons...

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New patterns posted

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I thought I heard a baby bird chirping outside my upstairs office window, but I was wrong. It is a windy, blustery day and there must be a piece of metal scraping or something that is making the little sound. Many birds are out and about these days, however. We continue to get more snow, but there are warmer days in between when some melting occurs so the birds are getting ready for spring. It was very noticable when, one snowy morning as I walked around shooting photos, I heard birds singing everywhere. For weeks, no birds calling, then suddenly...

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Something bright to warm your day

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Here we have the hand knit gift bag in sunny yellow cotton ... but what's inside? Hey ... who's that peaking his little head out? What does it mean? Oooh, something else, under the duckie. What could it be? Now that looks downright yummie ... exquisite, handmade baby soap of only the finest ingredients. Oh, and what else do we have here? Hmm, a baby washcloth perhaps, handknit of the same soft sunny yellow cotton yarn the gift bag is made of. Ah, now that is pretty sweet ... two baby wash cloths. That second one is made of a...

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