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I live on a farm ... — knit-a-long

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening ...

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... oh wait, it isn't Christmas yet. The snow had me confused there for a couple of days. Well , now I have had a preview of what it might look like here if we get snow on Christmas; the white Christmas I illogically prayed and hoped for every year in Los Angeles. I just had to move a bit more than 3,000 miles in a north easterly direction in order to find it. The snow definitely heightening my anticipation of the approaching moods of the holidays and gave my husband and I even more incentive to have a cuddle....

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Just as yarn is twisted, so are we

339000 country living family free knitting patterns Knit Alongs knit-a-long knitting yarn

We awoke at four o'clock this morning to flashes of lightning, thunder, and rain. It is raining off and on ... we have a possibility of snow flurries this coming weekend. That would be interesting. I'm going on a fund-raising walk for Breast Cancer on Sunday morning at a local farm, so I am thinking my new Lavender Scarf and Fetching gloves might come in handy. It seems along every roadway someone has a yard full of pumpkins for sale. People around here buy lots of pumpkins from the roadside farmers and then put them all over their porches and...

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