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Painting in a boat on the river

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Read my blog on Kindle. I have lived here just over five years, started writing my blog five years ago in early August.  It is circumstantially strange, but the blog inevitably became an integral part of marriage.  I suppose it is conceivable it will always be that way.  None of us know how long this blog relationship may last, it is brand new territory for us all after all. It's funny, because I can go back and see what we were up to on or about this date back at the beginning of our marriage, and see more clearly how...

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Pass the torch of magic

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I come from a very large family: three brothers, my sister and I, and our parents. Each sibling got married, we each had two children. For many years we were all living very close to each other and the holidays were these huge, jolly, loud, vivacious, loving, and magical feeling times we shared. We are funny and creative people, some have boisterous voices, clever talented wit runs rampant in our ranks and generosity runs deep in our souls. We enjoyed each others' company tremendously, and sometimes we went quite overboard on Christmas presents for each other, the grandparents, the kids...

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It's cool being a bug

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I have been a bug now for a little over one year, and I have to say ... it is cool being a bug. Bugs used to creep me out. Okay, bugs still creep me out to a large degree. However, when I became a bug I was fortunate enough to become one that has never creeped me out in the least and one which, in fact, only conjurs up magic in my heart and imagination. Therefore, I do not creep myself out and I have made some very good friends, friends who rather seem to enjoy addressing me by...

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Approaching Pike's Peak

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Thank you to everyone who gave me a warm welcome home. You are such good friends; your well wishes always make my day. Being home again is an interesting experience, considering this has only been "home" for a little over a year now. What a feeling of "home" though. Oddly enough, knowing this place as home helped me feel more relaxed and happy visiting Los Angeles. The traffic jams did not annoy me in the least (and I drove in much traffic); the heat didn't get me down (in fact, it was cooler in LA than it was on the...

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Decisions, decisions

4th of July blogging charity knitting country living dating dogs faith family food free knitting patterns Holidays knitting love marriage photography recipes relationships romance volunteerism yarn

I am still in California, getting my belongings organizerd for shipment: hardwork,, long hours, and today it got up to about a hundred degrees in LA. Smog burned my eyes. Traffic crowded the streets. However, the city moved along pretty smoothly, and regardless of the crowded streets and high degrees, I am accomplishing quite a bit each day. There are many decisions to be made about what to keep and what not to keep. If I were moving within the LA area, I'd keep everything I had in storage. It was already the clarified version of my material life, broken...

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