Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Itty knitting and old barns

country living knitting yarn

Today's post will be brief; my neighbor needed help loading her horse up this morning so she can take him to into the city to see a specialty blacksmith who is helping get his hooves fixed up from a problem of some sort he has been having. I have only lived here for a little over three months now, so had not been over to the neighbor's farm until this morning. The fact that she would call and ask for my help meant quite a lot to me, because we have only met once. It is a welcoming feeling to be called on by a neighbor and I was grateful for the opportunity to help. And, that is where I spent my time this morning. Fireflys Barn on a Foggy MorningHer barn is completely gorgeous, and now that I have seen it up close and personal, inside and out, I have to photograph it. She said I can come over any time and take as many shots as I please. Not only is it a beautiful old barn, but they have it so clean and useable it is impressive. Of course, they keep horses so they need to have a working barn. Many of the barns in this area are old and not being used or maintained. Even our barn (in the photo), though it is beautiful, is not a working barn so it is musty and filled with things but not really set up for use. I am inspired now and want to speak with my husband about what it would take to clean our barn up inside and make the space useful. He needs a good workshop and I need a space for making picture frames and doing other messy projects I get myself involved in. We'll see what he says. I have not yet discovered where the closest yarn shop is to where I am living now. In Los Angeles I lived up in the foothills north of the city and my favorite yarn shop was only about fifteen minutes away in the little town of Montrose. The name of the place is Neelde in a Haystack. There is an online store by the same name, but not the same place. This little shop had a wonderful selection of beautiful yarns in colors I felt drawn too, mostly. The lady who ran the shop had good taste and I could always find something special when I went there. I miss that place sorely; shopping online for yarns you are not familiar with is not very satisfying even though getting packages in the mail is much fun. Itty Knitted Drawstring Bag on the NeedlesYesterday I wanted to send a care package to my daughter, so I went to Walmart ... the only place I knew of that I could find and where I knew I would be able to find yarn. I bought her several skiens of various yarns in different colors ... their selection was better than I would have thought. When I got back home I stuffed all the yarn, plus some I had on hand here, along with some needles and crochet hooks and a few other personal goodies I thought she could use in a box and got everything off in the mail to her. I feel excited for her, because I know what it would feel like if I received such a box in the mail. It will be wonderful to see what she does with the yarns. I am knitting a miniature drawstring bag on size 3 dpns, using a bit of Sirdar Snuggly 4ply in a winter white left over from a little baby outfit I made for my nephew's newborn a couple of years ago. I need to get some size 1 or 2 dpns to make another little bag like this with even finer yarn because I have an idea of something I want to make for my Christmas tree using this pattern. I have yarn on order for myself ... Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Lavendar Mix ... for a scarf, mittens and possibly a hat or ear band. Getting ready for winter. Also ordered a couple of skiens to knit a Christmas stocking for my husband in winter white and cardinal. Yummy fun to look forward to. Blessings to you and yours. ~firefly

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