Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Knitting in a pickup truck

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The Nephews FarmLast night my husband and I got in the pickup truck and headed back down to his nephew's farm (a two-hour drive from here) to pick up the large party tent, tables, and chairs we had taken to his place from our church for the pig roast last weekend. Yesterday we were in the mid-70's in temperature, with large fluffy clouds moving along through the sky all day long. Sitting up next to my husband in the blue Ford pickup, knitting, enjoying the farmlands we drove through making our way south of here ... it was a scrumptious time. Fortunately for me, I can knit while riding along in a vehicle without getting car sickness. And, there was something awfully special about being with my husband, both of us in our grubby work clothes and me knitting on my little itty bag project. Life is suddenly so sweet and precious. The photograph I have included here is of his nephew's place ... a shot I made Saturday when my husband took me out on the four wheeler and we were down near the cornfields, looking back up toward the farm house and other buildings. It looked much the same yesterday when we went back, same blue sky, same white puffy clouds, same verdant surroundings. Being loved at any age is a wonderful feeling, but I have to say that finding love and feeling so loved as I do right now at my age and after many, many years of being a willful, independent, self-fullfilled woman is especially touching. I was completely fine with being on my own and was certain that even after raising my children I would continue to be so. It was not uncomfortable at all to experience solitude, I had plenty of love all around me between my children, my family, and my friends. I was good, I was set, I did not need a man in my life to be complete or to have a vibrant life. Nonetheless, this man and I happened upon one another and felt such connection and such love there was nothing to do other than to sieze the moment. I continue to be stunned by the changes, so profound, in my life in such a short period of time. No one would have been able to convince me even just six months ago that I would be here experiencing what I am experiencing right now. It would have been a laughable concept, fraught with cycnical and sarcastic rejection. And yet ... here I am. My husband and I have tried many times to find a word to describe how indescribably unbelieveable this is for us both but we have not found the word. Our conclusion is that what we are experiencing is so extraordinary there is no word for it. Every attempt to commit the experience to language falls short. Happiness and gratitude are what I wake up feeling each day, and lay down contemplating each night. Hand Knit Itty Bag CompleteI finished knitting the itty bag on the drive last night. How cute is that? Now I have some pattern modifications to attend to in order to execute the idea I had yesterday for such a little itty bag as a Christmas decoration. Photos will follow when the next rendition is complete. The yarn I ordered only two days ago will arrive today ... awesome! Perhaps my daughter will receive her care package from me today as well. I hope so. Clients await, so I must be off. I wish on you the kind of happiness and gratitude I am blessed with this day. ~firefly

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