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Left-handed knitting

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I am left-handed; I knit left-handed. I crochet right-handed; I am ambidextrous. It had not occurred to me particularly that I was a left-handed knitter or a right-handed crocheter until my daughter accused me a few years ago of being a freak. She was trying to learn a new stictch online by following diagrams and the pictures she was trying desparately to follow did not match up with what she had seen in the real world with her own hands and from what I taught her when she was a child. After the freak accusation, I told her the problem...

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New yarns and projects a'comin'

country living free knitting patterns knitting yarn

The nearest village is nine miles from here, the largest good-sized town is thirty minutes away, and the closest city is an hour away. The likelihood of my being able to find a satisfying yarn store within reasonable and affordable driving distance to home is slim at best. I love shopping online, and always have so now I just have to develop a love of shopping for yarn online. I've done it twice now since moving here and so far it is working out well. Yesterday the Berroco Ultra Alpaca I ordered earlier in the week arrived; packaged very aesthetically...

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Itty knitting and old barns

country living knitting yarn

Today's post will be brief; my neighbor needed help loading her horse up this morning so she can take him to into the city to see a specialty blacksmith who is helping get his hooves fixed up from a problem of some sort he has been having. I have only lived here for a little over three months now, so had not been over to the neighbor's farm until this morning. The fact that she would call and ask for my help meant quite a lot to me, because we have only met once. It is a welcoming feeling to...

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